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Ota, Naomi

Contemporary | Craft | Installation | Inter Disciplinary | Mixed Media | Performance | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (VIC)

Naomi Ota is an installation artist whose work uses fabric, hand made fibre paper and other fibrous materials.  Her works ranges in scale from small detailed pieces to large spatially interactive designs. Naomi often...




Contemporary | Craft | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (NSW)

Based in Sydney’s Inner West textile artists Pepa Martin and Karen Davis, who trade under the name “Shibori”, create hand dyed textiles using the ancient Japanese art of Shibori in a contemporary fashion...



Shimada, Noriko

Contemporary | Music | Performance | Other  (NSW)

Born in 1960 in Tokyo. Noriko’s father, Hideyasu Shimada was principal viola player in the NHK Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo. After graduating from the Tokyo University of Arts, she went to Hanover (Germany) to study ...



Shin, Ema

Traditional Japanese Art | Contemporary  (VIC)

I am a Japanese contemporary artist currently with an artistic practice in Melbourne. My university under graduate studies at Tama Art University, Tokyo was in traditional Japanese print making...



Shinozuka, Hiroo

Conceptual | Contemporary | Photography   (NSW)

Hiroo Shinozuka is a contemporary artist who bases his work on photographic images. He was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan and currently study Bachelor of Design at the University of...



Shoji, Mitsuo

Contemporary | Craft | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (NSW)

Mitsuo Shoji is an internationally renowned ceramist who was trained in Kyoto, Japan. He has a Bachelor of Arts and Teaching Certificate  from Kyoto City University of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from ...



Sloggett, Leigh

Contemporary| Craft | Visual Art   (VIC)

Leigh has been carving netsuke since 1992, coming from a background of painting and sculpture. In 1993 he moved to Japan to study netsuke carving under Bishu Saito. While there he also studied under...



Sone, Yuji

Conceptual | Contemporary | Installation | Interdisciplinary | Mixed Media | Performance   (NSW)

Yuji is a Sydney-based artist who has produced numerous media-based performances and installations in Australia and overseas. He is interested in mediated performance and performance of the body in conjunction...



Synergy & TaikoOz Ltd

Conceptual | Contemporary | Performance | Dance | Interdisciplinary | Music/Sound | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance   (NSW)

Since 1997 TaikOz has established a unique performance aesthetic that reflects the group’s passionate dedication to the forms of wadaiko and a desire to create new music for today’s audiences. ...



Tokutake, Hidemi

Contemporary | Craft | Installation | Mixed Media (NSW)

Hidemi Tokutake studied modern ceramics in Seto Ceramic College from Syo Katou and Reikichi Katou, who have passed on their skills and technology, inspiring her in functional ware and vessel making processes...



Tosaki, Eiichi

Conceptual | Contemporary | Inter Disciplinary | Performance | Traditional Japanese Art | Visual Art (VIC)

Eiichi Tosaki is a Melbourne based  artist, art theorist & historian, and philosopher who has studied in various institutions in Japan and Australia. He has created and practiced a bimanual coordination drawing (BCD)...


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