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Umiumare, Yumi

Contemporary | Dance | Film | Installation | Mixed Media | Performance (VIC)

From her many performances of her diverse repertoires, Yumi Umiumare's electrifying performance style is in demand the world over. Born in Hyogo, Japan, Yumi is the only Japanese Butoh Dancer in Australia and...


Wright, Wendy Ella

Conceptual | Contemporary | Dance | Interdisciplinary | Performance | Traditional Japanese Art | Literature | Visual Art (SA)

Wendy Ella Wright first travelled to Japan by ocean liner with her family at the age of nine. Her first memory of Japan is seeing the snowcapped Mount Fuji from the ship approaching the port. At age seventeen...



Yamada, Tomoko

Contemporary | Conceptual | Installation   (WA)

Tomoko Yamada is an independent fibre artist and designer based in Broome, Western Australia. Originally from Osaka, Japan, she previously worked in roles involving management and creative...



Yonetani, Ken + Julia

Contemporary | Installation | Visual Art (NSW)

As previous representatives of Australia at the The 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009, Ken + Julia Yonetani’s art installations have attracted international acclaim and widespread attention to environmental and social issues....


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