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Aoki, Satomi

Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft (NSW)

Satomi Aoki is an artist who has been living in Australia since 1992. She holds an instructor’s license in art clay silver in Australia and also teaches beads jewelry making....



Bonnardeaux, Mutsuko

Visual Art | Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft (WA)

Mutsuko’s artworks have been exhibited in WA, SA and NSW in solo and group exhibitions, every year since 1990. Overseas exhibitions include Tokyo, Hamamatsu, San Francisco, Brussels, Paris and Siena (Italy)...



Carroll, Stephen

Craft (NSW)

For many years I have worked within the arts of Japan. I have been drawn to many but now concentrate on sumi-e, ceramics and sado. My sumi-e skills were learned from the Australian artist, Janet...



Crawford, Yuki

Craft | Mixed Media | Visual Art   (QLD)

Yuki Crawford was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1986, grew up in Tokyo, San Jose, London and currently living and working in Brisbane, Australia since 2008. My work draws inspiration from the styling...



Hashimoto, Kiyotaka

Craft (NSW)

Kiyotaka Hashimoto was born in Tokyo in 1951 and graduated from the Musashino Art College in 1974. After working as a ceramic instructor and studio potter at the prestigious Japan Ceramics Art Club, he migrated...



Hashimoto, Kumiko

Craft (NSW)

Kumiko Hashimoto was born in Tokyo in 1952 and graduated from the Musashino Art College in 1972, where she met her husband Kiyotaka. They taught ceramics together in Tokyo before coming to Australia. Since...



Hashimoto, Kyoko

Craft (NSW)

Born in Japan, Kyoko migrated with her family to the country New South Wales town of Armidale in Australia when she was 10 years old. The sense of dislocation she felt from the transition sparked her imagination...



Hoashi, Koji

Craft (VIC)

Koji Hoashi is a practicing ceramic artist who works as a lecturer in International Studies and Japanese at the University of Ballarat. He maintains research interests in Japanese Aesthetics, Cultural Expressions and...



Kita, Saori

Contemporary | Craft | Visual Art (NSW)

Born in Honolulu Hawaii, Saori grew up in Tokyo. As a little girl, her greatest joy was making flower chains. Saori moved to Sydney when she was sixteen and fell in love with Australian botanical structures...



Kumagai, Yoshie

Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft | Other (NSW)

Yoshie Kumagai specialises in furoshiki, mizuhiki and gift wrapping, and offers a variety of services, including commercial gift wrapping and tailored orders. She also conducts workshops, demonstrations, private...



Lewis, Chisayo

Craft (NSW)

Chisayo Lewis was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to Sydney Australia in 1995. Chisayo grew up in a traditional Japanese family environment in Higashiyama, which is an old cultural part of Kyoto. Chisayo’s mother...



Matsui, Keiko

Craft | Visual Art (NSW)

Keiko Matsui is a Japanese ceramic artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She studied ceramics at the National Art School in East Sydney and graduated in 2006 with honours degree. Keiko’s style is...


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