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Takamoto, Rumi

Craft | Visual Art  (VIC)

Rumi Takamoto has B.A.(sculpture)from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. She had annual solo exhibitions and commissioned for some permanent sculptures in urban districts when she lived in Japan...



Tokutake, Hidemi

Contemporary | Craft | Installation | Mixed Media (NSW)

Hidemi Tokutake studied modern ceramics in Seto Ceramic College from Syo Katou and Reikichi Katou, who have passed on their skills and technology, inspiring her in functional ware and vessel making processes...



Yamaguchi, Yoko

Conceptual | Craft | Installation | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art (ACT)

Yoko Yamaguchi is an Australian-born Japanese artist based in Canberra who graduated Bachelor of Arts, Visual Art (Honours) in Print media and drawing at the ANU School of Art...



Whyte, Alistair

Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art (VIC)

I have been working as a potter for what seems a lifetime, and get great pleasure from it. My skills come from years spent studying and working in Japan learning fine porcelain techniques, though I make...


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