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Aikawa, Naohisa

Contemporary | Dance | Film | Music/Sound | Performance | Theatre (NSW)

Naohisa Aikawa Ace Dance Studios Contemporary | Dance | Film | Music | Sound | Performance (NSW) Nao has been Hip Hop dancing since 1996. He was born in Japan and has experience in TV shows, competitions,...



Anderson JR, William BIL

Animation/Manga | Conceptual | Contemporary | Graphic Design | Mixed Media | Installation | Music/Sound | Visual Art (NSW)

William BIL Anderson JR creates conceptual Post modernism and or Contemporary Super Flat art, based on elements of Japanese Manga, Comic pop art, Surrealism, Rastafarian & Alternative Street art...



Brunt, Shelley

Contemporary (ACT)

Dr Shelley Brunt is a lecturer in music industry and media in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, Melbourne. She currently teaches popular music and world music courses, with...



Clark, Felicity

Music/Sound | Performance | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance (NSW)

Felicity Clark is a recent convert to the beauty and power of Japanese instruments including taiko, shakuhachi and shinobue. She studied shakuhachi with Grand Master Riley Lee for a Masters degree at...



Goto, Aiko

Music/Sound | Performance (NSW)

Aiko Goto appears courtesy of the Australian Chamber Orchestra of which she has been a member since 1998. Aiko began studying the violin at the age of three through The Suzuki Method. And she studied at the...



Hayashi, Sayuri

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music | Performance | Traditional Japanese Performance | Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Sayuri Hayashi is a Sydney-based artist who is a master of Nagauta shamisen, Kado (flower arrangement) and Chado (tea ceremony), as well as a Japanese calligrapher. Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in far northern...



Jobst, David

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (NSW)

David Jobst began playing shakuhachi in 1993. He first studied with shakuhachi maker David Brown in Melbourne before moving to the Blue Mountains near Sydney where he studied with grand-master...



Komatsu, Shigeru

Music/Sound (WA)

Shigeru Komatsu was born in Shiga, Japan, and started learning the cello at 16, studying with Toshio Kuronuma and Noboru Kamimura at the Kyoto City University of Arts, graduating in 1983. Shigeru was a member of...



Koto Music Institute of Australia

Sawai Koto Ensemble Sydney
Music/Sound | Performance | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance (NSW)

The core business of the Koto Music Institute of Australia is the promotion of Japanese koto music in Australia and the creation and presentation of art works of any form using koto either as the main instrument or in...



Kurita, Masahide

Music/Sound   (VIC)

The Renowned Australia based Flautist, Masahide Kurita, was born in Utsunomiya, Japan. He started his musical education at the age of 5 and debuted as soloist on the flute when he was 12, going on...



Kurosawa, Hitomi

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (NSW)

Hitomi Kurosawa was born in Osaka, Japan. She joined The Sawai International Koto School in 1998 and has since been studying under both Satsuki Odamura in Australia and Kazue Sawai in Japan. She has...


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