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Lee, Brandon

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (VIC)

Born in Malaysia, Brandon started learning the koto when he attended Melbourne University. His teachers include Miyama Mcqueen Tokita, Satsuki Odamura in Sydney, and Kazue Sawai in Tokyo. He has...



Lee, Riley

Music/Sound | Performance | Traditional Japanese Performance | Traditional Japanese Music (NSW)

RILEY LEE began playing the shakuhachi in Japan in 1971, under the guidance of Chikuho Sakai II and Katsuya Yokoyama. In the early 1970s, he became the very first non-Japanese professional taiko player, as...


Momo Sakura

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance  (WA)

Japanese "kimono" flautist / Composer, Momo-chiyo is a well-known, unique and distinguished artiste. She performs traditional and original Japanese music while dressed in her colourful kimono costumes...



Narushima, Terumi

Contemporary | Music/Sound (NSW)

Terumi Narushima is a composer, performer and sound designer whose work has been presented at numerous festivals in Australia and overseas, as well as broadcast on radio and television...



Norman, Anne M

Contemporary | Music/Sound | interdisciplinary | Performance | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Music | Literature (VIC)

Anne Norman is a shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. An intuitive performer, Anne enjoys spontaneous improvisation with musicians, dancers, actors, poets...



Odamura, Satsuki

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (NSW)

Satsuki is a Japanese koto virtuoso, who has pioneered the teaching and performing of this ancient Japanese instrument in Australia. She was taught at the Sawai Koto School of Music in Tokyo by legendary koto players...



Shimada, Noriko

Contemporary | Music | Performance | Other  (NSW)

Born in 1960 in Tokyo. Noriko’s father, Hideyasu Shimada was principal viola player in the NHK Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo. After graduating from the Tokyo University of Arts, she went to Hanover (Germany) to study ...



Synergy & TaikoOz Ltd

Conceptual | Contemporary | Performance | Dance | Interdisciplinary | Music/Sound | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance   (NSW)

Since 1997 TaikOz has established a unique performance aesthetic that reflects the group’s passionate dedication to the forms of wadaiko and a desire to create new music for today’s audiences. ...



Tadano, Noriko

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (VIC)

Noriko Tadano plays both traditional Japanese folk songs (Minyo) as well as original pieces on the Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese Banjo). She has been playing Shamisen since she was 6 years old and has performed in Japan...




Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance   (QLD)

Toko-Ton is a Brisbane based Japanese drum (taiko) group. Using a combination of movement and rhythm, playing modern and traditional songs and styles Toko-ton show how an instrument that...




Music/Sound | Performance | Traditional Japanese Music   (NSW)

YuNiOn takes people on a fun, open and soulful journey through the high spirited energy of the Japanese taiko drum, blended with percussive sounds and festive song and dance...


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