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Goto, Keiko

Photography (QLD)

Keiko first arrived in Australia with the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme with her parents. Her multi-cultural background living in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and Russia is clearly shown in her style ...



Kanamori, Mayu

Photography | Visual Art | Performance | Theatre (NSW)

Mayu Kanamori’s works combine photography, performance art, videography, and story telling with emphasis on collaboration with artists from diverse genres and disciplines. Her earlier works ...



Karmatz, Lily

Conceptual | Contemporary | Graphic Design | Installation | Mixed Media | Photography | Traditional Japanese Art | Visual art (QLD)

Lily Karmatz was born in Malaysia, but has lived and practiced art in Brisbane, Australia. She is a visual artist and also an Ikebana artist and teacher. She has taught Sogetsu Ikebana at the Brisbane Institute of Art, public...



Lee, Herman

Photography | Visual Art | Performance | Theatre (NSW)

Herman KwokHung Lee is a professional member of the National Association for the Visual Arts, Australia. He is an Ikebana artist, photographer and writer. His art motto is “Seeing the richness in...




Animation/Mana | Graphic Design | Mix Media | Photography (NSW)

Fiona Chor-Kay Chan, also more commonly known for her alias 'Miyukiko' on the internet, is a Chinese-Australian based artist practicing with both digital and traditional art...



Shinozuka, Hiroo

Conceptual | Contemporary | Photography   (NSW)

Hiroo Shinozuka is a contemporary artist who bases his work on photographic images. He was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan and currently study Bachelor of Design at the University of...



Watanabe, Miho

Photography | Visual Art | Mixed Media (NSW)

My obsession with 'between-ness' started whilst taking photographs as a professional photographer. I explored the space between a subject and the camera as an energy flow. This energy flow with...