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Traditional Japanese Art
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Araki, Miho

Contemporary | Traditional Japanese Art (VIC)

Miho Araki, an artist of extraordinary talent with an expertise in Shodo brings new life to the traditional Japanese art form. Shodo is a form of artistic writing and is a Zen art, and to write with mastery, one must...



Block, Ping

Traditional Japanese Art (ACT)

I first became truly aware of the beauty and magic of Ikebana whenI happened to see an exhibition of Ikebana flower arrangements by Mr Yoshiro Umemura in a major Canberra department store...



Bonsai Art Pty Ltd

Traditional Japanese Art

Megumi Bennett gained her B.A. in English Literature in Tokyo Japan. On arriving in Australia in 1974 she continued to develop the bonsai and ikebana skills she had learnt in Japan. Megumi is a qualified horticulturist...



Chado Urasenke Tankokai Sydney Association Inc. (Tea Ceremony)

Traditional Japanese Art | Performance | Visual Art   (NSW)

The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado) is a distillation of Japanese esthetics, culture, and arts. It is not just a social gathering but an appreciation of many of the Japanese arts and crafts, including...



Gessner, Tae

Performance | Traditional Jpaanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft (NSW)

Tae Gessner was born in Aichi, Japan. She grew up helping her mother with her Kimono business. She learned Kitsuke (Kimono wearing) since she was about 7 years old when her mother had...


Ikebana Art

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Megumi gained her B.A in English Literature in Tokyo Japan. She taught Koryu school of Ikebana and came to Australia in 1974 to establish an Australian Ikebana school. She is head of the Koryu Shoyo Kai School...


Ikebana International Sydney Chapter #36 Inc

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Sydney Chapter #36 welcomes all - students and teachers of all schools of Ikebana and people who just love the art form and wish to learn more about the joys and creativity of Ikebana. Our close affiliation with...



Hayashi, Sayuri

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music | Performance | Traditional Japanese Performance | Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Sayuri Hayashi is a Sydney-based artist who is a master of Nagauta shamisen, Kado (flower arrangement) and Chado (tea ceremony), as well as a Japanese calligrapher. Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in far northern...



Hoashi, Seiko

Graphic Design | Traditional Japanese Art (VIC)

Seiko Hoashi was born and raised in Japan where, at an early age she learnt Japanese calligraphy from her grandmother who was a calligrapher. Early childhood memories include sitting on the floor, grinding Sumi and...



Karmatz, Lily

Conceptual | Contemporary | Graphic Design | Installation | Mixed Media | Photography | Traditional Japanese Art | Visual art (QLD)

Lily Karmatz was born in Malaysia, but has lived and practiced art in Brisbane, Australia. She is a visual artist and also an Ikebana artist and teacher. She has taught Sogetsu Ikebana at the Brisbane Institute of Art, public...



Kishigami, Natalia

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Natalia Kishigami was born in Khabarovsk, The Russian Far East, and studied the art of Oshibana in Japan, in Tokushima Prefecture...



Leahy, Tamayo

Visual Art | Traditional Japanese Art | Mixed Media (TAS)

I was born in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1948. After living in New Zealand for several years, in 1986 I shifted to Carnarvon, Western Australia with my Australian husband and then to Tasmania in 1994...



Lee, Herman

Photography | Visual Art | Performance | Theatre (NSW)

Herman KwokHung Lee is a professional member of the National Association for the Visual Arts, Australia. He is an Ikebana artist, photographer and writer. His art motto is “Seeing the richness in...



Nagafuchi, Hiroko

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Hiroko Nagafuchi is an artist specialising in sumi painting. Born in 1951, Saitama Japan, Hiroko graduated with a BA from the Joshi University of Fine Arts and went on to be mentored on sumi painting by Prof. Hosen...


Nolan, Paul

Contemporary | Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Paul Nolan began formal art study with four years at the National Art School of Australia and developed a keen sense of Australia's position in relation to the “far east”. Enthralled by the art of Japan he moved there in 1975...


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