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Tango, Hiromi

Conceptual | Installation | Visual Art  (NSW)

Hiromi Tango currently lives and works in Sydney. Hiromi moved from Japan in 1998 and began working full-time on her art in 2006 after a six-week ‘live-in’ installation at Raw Space Galleries in Brisbane. Between...



Tosaki, Eiichi

Conceptual | Inter Disciplinary | Performance | Traditional Japanese Art | Visual Art (VIC)

Eiichi Tosaki is a Melbourne based  artist, art theorist & historian, and philosopher who has studied in various institutions in Japan and Australia. He has created and practiced a bimanual coordination drawing (BCD)...



Traditions of Japan, The

Traditional Japanese Craft | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance | Literature | Visual Art  (NSW)

We are group of Japanese experts who practice Japanese Traditional cultural art forms. Our aim is to create precious moments for people to experience the heart of Japan. Our services include introducing...


Watanabe, Kay

Visual Art (QLD)

Kay (Kayako) Watanabe was born in Tokyo. After moving from Japan, she lived in the UK and US before moving to Australia in 2005. She was trained as a printmaker at the Ega Dohanga Kobo (Ega Etching Studio)...



Watanabe, Miho

Photography | Visual Art | Mixed Media (NSW)

My obsession with 'between-ness' started whilst taking photographs as a professional photographer. I explored the space between a subject and the camera as an energy flow. This energy flow with...



Whyte, Alistair

Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art (VIC)

I have been working as a potter for what seems a lifetime, and get great pleasure from it. My skills come from years spent studying and working in Japan learning fine porcelain techniques, though I make...



Wright, Wendy Ella

Conceptual | Contemporary | Dance | Inter Disciplinary | Performance | Traditional Japanese Art | Literature | Visual Art (SA)

Wendy Ella Wright first travelled to Japan by ocean liner with her family at the age of nine. Her first memory of Japan is seeing the snowcapped Mount Fuji from the ship approaching the port. At age seventeen...



Yano, Ren

Performance | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Performance | Visual Art (NSW)

Ren is an artist who specialises in ‘Shodo,’ Japanese traditional calligraphy. After holding exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka, in 1996, he moved his arts practice to Sydney. In 2003 he gained Australian permanent residency...


Yamaguchi, Yoko

Conceptual | Craft | Installation | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art (ACT)

Yoko Yamaguchi is an Australian-born Japanese artist based in Canberra who graduated Bachelor of Arts, Visual Art (Honours) in Print media and drawing at the ANU School of Art...



Yonetani, Ken + Julia

Contemporary | Installation | Visual Art (NSW)

As previous representatives of Australia at the The 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009, Ken + Julia Yonetani’s art installations have attracted international acclaim and widespread attention to environmental and social issues....


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