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Block, Ping

Traditional Japanese Art (ACT)

I first became truly aware of the beauty and magic of Ikebana whenI happened to see an exhibition of Ikebana flower arrangements by Mr Yoshiro Umemura in a major Canberra department store...



Bonnardeaux, Mutsuko

Visual Art | Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft (WA)

Mutsuko’s artworks have been exhibited in WA, SA and NSW in solo and group exhibitions, every year since 1990. Overseas exhibitions include Tokyo, Hamamatsu, San Francisco, Brussels, Paris and Siena (Italy)...



Bonsai Art Pty Ltd

Traditional Japanese Art

Megumi Bennett gained her B.A. in English Literature in Tokyo Japan. On arriving in Australia in 1974 she continued to develop the bonsai and ikebana skills she had learnt in Japan. Megumi is a qualified horticulturist...



Brotzler, Miki

Dance | Performance | Theatre (VIC)

Starting off as a classical ballet dancer and then moving on to contemporary dance and dance theatre, Miki performed with the Ballet de Chambre de Hirofumi Inoue (Japan), then with The One Extra dance/theatre...



Brunt, Shelley

Contemporary (ACT)

Dr Shelley Brunt is a lecturer in music industry and media in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, Melbourne. She currently teaches popular music and world music courses, with...