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Ikebana Art

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Megumi gained her B.A in English Literature in Tokyo Japan. She taught Koryu school of Ikebana and came to Australia in 1974 to establish an Australian Ikebana school. She is head of the Koryu Shoyo Kai School...


Ikebana International Sydney Chapter #36 Inc

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Sydney Chapter #36 welcomes all - students and teachers of all schools of Ikebana and people who just love the art form and wish to learn more about the joys and creativity of Ikebana. Our close affiliation with...



Imazu, Kyoko

Visual Art (VIC)

Kyoko Imazu is an artist who predominantly works on paper, especially in printmaking and also paper-cut and watercolour works. She has been working with Australian artist Damon Kowarsky, and recently held...



Innocent, Andrea

Mixed Media | Visual Art (VIC)

Andrea Innocent is a professional artist/illustrator working in Melbourne, Australia. Innocent's work often tells stories of the bizarre and the quirky through detailed digital illustration...



Ishino, Koichi

Visual Art (NSW)

Koichi Ishino is a Japanese artist who immigrated to Australia in 2009, now living and working in Gosford, NSW. He has been a full time artist for over twenty years.....



Isogawa, Akira

Textile (NSW)

Akira Isogawa is one of Australia’s most celebrated designers. Born in Kyoto Japan, Akira moved to Australia in 1986 where he studied fashion design at the Sydney Institute of Technology, drawing inspiration from...