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Matsui, Keiko

Craft | Visual Art (NSW)

Keiko Matsui is a Japanese ceramic artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She studied ceramics at the National Art School in East Sydney and graduated in 2006 with honours degree. Keiko’s style is...


McKenna, Terry

Traditional Japanese Art | Visual Art   (VIC)

"I have been concentrating on producing woodblock prints since 2006, and inevitably became inspired by the richness of Japanese woodblock prints which are rightly world famous. I love the marriage of art and...



Minohara-Starke, Rei

Contemporary | Craft (WA)

REI MINOAHRA-STARKE is a Japanese born jeweller & metalsmith now working from her studio in Perth, Western Australia. Rei graduated with a Bachelor of Science of Arts at Joshibi University of Art..



Animation/Mana | Graphic Design | Mix Media | Photography (NSW)

Fiona Chor-Kay Chan, also more commonly known for her alias 'Miyukiko' on the internet, is a Chinese-Australian based artist practicing with both digital and traditional art...



Momo Sakura

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance  (WA)

Japanese "kimono" flautist / Composer, Momo-chiyo is a well-known, unique and distinguished artiste. She performs traditional and original Japanese music while dressed in her colourful kimono costumes...


Montgomery, Izumi

Sculpture (NSW)

My name is Izumi Montgomery. I am a sculptor from Japan. I have been in Sydney since July, 2011. I have exhibited mostly in Tokyo. I’m working primarily with metal, particularly copper. It’s colour changes...



Morimoto, Isao

Film (NSW)

Isao Morimoto immigrated to Australia in 1981, studied and graduated the Australian Film,Television and Radio School and acquired a BA in Directing Film and Television. He also studied at CITY ART INSTITUTE where...



Morimoto, Junko

Visual Art | Other (children’s book art) (NSW)

Junko Morimoto migrated to Australia in 1982. Born in Hiroshima in 1932 and she later survived Atomic Bomb attack in 1945. Morimoto graduated from Kyoto City University of Fine Art in 1955 and ran Children's Art...


Morita, Haruyo

Conceptual | Contemporary | Mixed Media  (NSW)

Haruyo Morita is a contemporary Japanese artist who began her study in high school in Japan. Morita's passion for art took her around the world to further refine her style at the National Art School in Sydney and 'Villa Bastille' Art school in Paris...



Mugavin, Liam

Craft | Visual Art (ACT)

Liam studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design at the University of South Australia before taking up residence in Niigata, Japan where worked for four years. Through a process of immersion and cultural...