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Aikawa, Naohisa

Contemporary | Dance | Film | Music/Sound | Performance | Theatre (NSW)

Naohisa Aikawa Ace Dance Studios Contemporary | Dance | Film | Music | Sound | Performance (NSW) Nao has been Hip Hop dancing since 1996. He was born in Japan and has experience in TV shows, competitions,...



Ajioka, Chiaki

Other - Japanese art history  (NSW)

Worked at SBS Television as Japanese subtitler (1986-96), the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) as assistant curator (1992-96) and as Curator of Japanese Art (1996-2003). Taught Japanese art...



Anderson JR, William BIL

Animation/Manga | Conceptual | Contemporary | Graphic Design | Mixed Media | Installation | Music/Sound | Visual Art (NSW)

William BIL Anderson JR creates conceptual Post modernism and or Contemporary Super Flat art, based on elements of Japanese Manga, Comic pop art, Surrealism, Rastafarian & Alternative Street art...



Aoki, Satomi

Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft (NSW)

Satomi Aoki is an artist who has been living in Australia since 1992. She holds an instructor’s license in art clay silver in Australia and also teaches beads jewelry making....



Arai, Ryuou

Traditional Japanese Performance (NSW)

My name is Arai Ryuou. I’m third generation successor of Japanese traditional dance (Kenshibu) and song (Gin-ei) school which is established my great grandmother. I started Gin-ei and Kenshibu...



Asano, Wakako

Contemporary | Dance (NSW)

Wakako Asano started Classical Ballet training in Japan when she was nine. In 1989, she moved to Melbourne as a first Japanese student of the Australian Ballet School. In 1990 while still a student, Wakako danced...



Australian Shakuhachi Society

Performance | Traditional Japanese Performance | Traditional Japanese Music (NSW)

The purpose of the Australian Shakuhachi Society is to promote the shakuhachi and its music, and to assist others who are doing the same, by: Organising workshops and other ...



Bonsai Art Pty Ltd

Traditional Japanese Art

Megumi Bennett gained her B.A. in English Literature in Tokyo Japan. On arriving in Australia in 1974 she continued to develop the bonsai and ikebana skills she had learnt in Japan. Megumi is a qualified horticulturist...



Cann, Hugh

Visual Art | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

Hugh Cann lived in Hiroshima, Japan between 1986 and 2000. He has studied shodo (oriental brush calligraphy) since 1987. His zen’ei (avant garde) work has been shown in several exhibitions throughout Japan...


Chado Urasenke Tankokai Sydney Association Inc.

Traditional Japanese Art (NSW)

The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado) is a distillation of Japanese esthetics, culture, and arts. It is not just a social gathering but an appreciation of many of the Japanese arts and crafts, including...



Chalker, Kazuko

Conceptual | Contemporary   (NSW)

Kazuko Chalker grew up in Tokyo, Japan surrounded by ceramics and its long and rich history influenced her interests in clay work. But it took a long time before her to find a joy of working with clay. After settling in...



Chin Kham, Yoke

Dance | Mixed Media | Performance | Traditional Japanese Performance (NSW)

Yoke, a Malaysian-born Chinese grew up as a child in Malaysia against the backdrop of various ancient performing shamanistic rituals and religious cultural festivals of the Chinese, Malays and Indians. There...


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