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Carroll, Stephen

Craft (NSW)

For many years I have worked within the arts of Japan. I have been drawn to many but now concentrate on sumi-e, ceramics and sado. My sumi-e skills were learned from the Australian artist, Janet...



Clark, Felicity

Music/Sound | Performance | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance (NSW)

Felicity Clark is a recent convert to the beauty and power of Japanese instruments including taiko, shakuhachi and shinobue. She studied shakuhachi with Grand Master Riley Lee for a Masters degree at...



De Quincey Co

Contemporary | Dance | Inter disciplinary | Performance (NSW)

TESS DE QUINCEY is a choreographer and dancer who has worked extensively in Japan, Europe, India and Australia as a performer, teacher and director. Based in Japan from 1985 until 1991, she was a dancer with...


Facet Studio

Architecture (NSW)

Yoshihito Kashiwagi was born in Osaka, educated in Tokyo, trained in Genoa, Italy. After he finished the bachelor degree at Keio University, Japan (major in business administration) he made an acute turn in his career, to major...



Feyen, Jennie

Conceptual | Installation | Visual Art (NSW)

Jennie Feyen is a Sydney-based video artist who is also passionate about short films, documentaries and interdisciplinary art. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Creative Industries from Edith Cowan University...



Fujimura, Ryuichi

Contemporary | Dance | Performance | Theatre (NSW)

Ryuichi Fujimura is a dance artist based in Sydney. Since the mid 1990’s, he has studied contemporary dance technique as well as improvisation and choreography in Sydney and overseas on an ongoing basis...


Furze, Midori

Contemporary | Mix Media | Visual Art (NSW)

Midori Furze is a Japanese-born Sydney-based contemporary artist. She came to Australia in 1989. She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions, including the finalist in the Warringah Art...


Gessner, Tae

Performance | Traditional Jpaanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft (NSW)

Tae Gessner was born in Aichi, Japan. She grew up helping her mother with her Kimono business. She learned Kitsuke (Kimono wearing) since she was about 7 years old when her mother had...


Goto, Aiko

Music/Sound | Performance (NSW)

Aiko Goto appears courtesy of the Australian Chamber Orchestra of which she has been a member since 1998. Aiko began studying the violin at the age of three through The Suzuki Method. And she studied at the...



Green, Joolie

Visual Art   (NSW)

Joolie Green is a visual artist whose practice has been greatly influenced by her many trips to Japan in the last decade with her then Japanese partner. Particular influences on her work have been the Zen...


Hashimoto, Kiyotaka

Craft (NSW)

Kiyotaka Hashimoto was born in Tokyo in 1951 and graduated from the Musashino Art College in 1974. After working as a ceramic instructor and studio potter at the prestigious Japan Ceramics Art Club, he migrated...



Hashimoto, Kumiko

Craft (NSW)

Kumiko Hashimoto was born in Tokyo in 1952 and graduated from the Musashino Art College in 1972, where she met her husband Kiyotaka. They taught ceramics together in Tokyo before coming to Australia. Since...


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