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Innocent, Andrea

Mixed Media | Visual Art (VIC)

Andrea Innocent is a professional artist/illustrator working in Melbourne, Australia. Innocent's work often tells stories of the bizarre and the quirky through detailed digital illustration...



Karmataki, Emi

Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art (VIC)

Lily Karmatz was born in Malaysia, but has lived and practiced art in Brisbane, Australia. She is a visual artist and also an Ikebana artist and teacher. She has taught Sogetsu Ikebana at the Brisbane Institute of Art, public...


Kato, Chaco

Conceptual | Contemporary | Inter disciplinary | Mixed Media | Visual Art | Other (children's book illustration) (VIC)

Chaco Kato's art practice involves many genres from process-based installation to improvisational drawing and picture book making. She is probably best known for her ephemeral, open-ended, playful...



Kubota, Miwako

Dance | Performance (VIC)

Miwako was born in Japan and began her ballet training with Fumika Morishima in Okinawa. Before joining The Australian Ballet School she trained with Kimie Sasamoto and Iwao Nagae in Tokyo. In 1997 Miwako was...



Kurita, Masahide

Music/Sound   (VIC)

The Renowned Australia based Flautist, Masahide Kurita, was born in Utsunomiya, Japan. He started his musical education at the age of 5 and debuted as soloist on the flute when he was 12, going on...



Lee, Brandon

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (VIC)

Born in Malaysia, Brandon started learning the koto when he attended Melbourne University. His teachers include Miyama Mcqueen Tokita, Satsuki Odamura in Sydney, and Kazue Sawai in Tokyo. He has...



McKenna, Terry

Traditional Japanese Art | Visual Art   (VIC)

"I have been concentrating on producing woodblock prints since 2006, and inevitably became inspired by the richness of Japanese woodblock prints which are rightly world famous. I love the marriage of art and...



Nemoto, Rina

Performance (VIC)

Rina Nemoto was born in Tokyo, Japan, and began dancing at the age of three. At the age of 15, she travelled to Paris for two years of classical ballet training with Daini KUDO and Dominique KHALFOUNI...



Norman, Anne M

Contemporary | Music/Sound | interdisciplinary | Performance | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Music | Literature (VIC)

Anne Norman is a shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. An intuitive performer, Anne enjoys spontaneous improvisation with musicians, dancers, actors, poets...



Okamura, Yuria

Contemporary | Installation | Visual Art (VIC)

Yuria Okamura is a Japanese artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has completed Bachelor of Fine Arts- Painting in 2009 and Honours in Fine Arts in 2010 at RMIT University, Melbourne. Since graduating from...



Ota, Naomi

Contemporary | Craft | Installation | Inter Disciplinary | Mixed Media | Performance | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (VIC)

Naomi Ota is an installation artist whose work uses fabric, hand made fibre paper and other fibrous materials.  Her works ranges in scale from small detailed pieces to large spatially interactive designs. Naomi often...



Rauter, Kaoru

Contemporary | Mix Media | Visual Art (NSW)

Kaoru Rauter was born in Tokyo and from a young age was inspired to paint.  Her paintings reflect the natural environment, flora and coastal seascapes. As a child Kaoru won many art competitions...



Sakamoto, Toshinori

Traditional Japanese Music (VIC)

Toshinori is a wadaiko drummer based in Melbourne and formed Wadaiko Rindo in Australia in 1996. He studied under renowned conductor, Takashi Fukuda. Toshinori's earlier taiko performances followed ...


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