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Shimbo, Shoso

Craft | Installation | Traditional Japanese craft | Visual art (VIC)

Shoso Shimbo is a certified teacher of Ikebana who is qualified to run certificate and teaching diploma courses in Sogetsu style Ikebana. He has over 20 years experience in Ikebana and studied under the late Sogetsu...



Shin, Ema

Traditional Japanese Art | Contemporary  (VIC)

I am a Japanese contemporary artist currently with an artistic practice in Melbourne. My university under graduate studies at Tama Art University, Tokyo was in traditional Japanese print making... .




Performance | Traditional Japanese Performance (VIC)

Showko is a highly skilled ventriloquist and professional Rakugo performer who has delighted audiences on the world stage for over 20 years. She was trained by a Rakugo master for many years after which she...



Sloggett, Leigh

Contemporary| Craft | Visual Art   (VIC)

Leigh has been carving netsuke since 1992, coming from a background of painting and sculpture. In 1993 he moved to Japan to study netsuke carving under Bishu Saito. While there he also studied under...



Symes, Jill

Craft (VIC)

Jill Symes is a prominent Melbourne-based ceramic artist whose career spans over 30 years of exhibitions, commissions, acquisitions and masterclasses. She completed post-graduate study as a practising...



Tadano, Noriko

Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music (VIC)

Noriko Tadano plays both traditional Japanese folk songs (Minyo) as well as original pieces on the Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese Banjo). She has been playing Shamisen since she was 6 years old and has performed in Japan...



Tai, Kenkichi

Graphic Design   (VIC)

Kenkichi Tai was born in Kagawa Japan, spending the first eighteen years of his life there. With a growing curiosity about the visual arts, he made the move to the fast pace city of Tokyo. It was in Tokyo...



Takamoto, Rumi

Traditional Japanese Music (VIC)

Rumi Takamoto has B.A.(sculpture)from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. She had annual solo exhibitions and commissioned for some permanent sculptures in urban districts when she lived in Japan...



Tosaki, Eiichi

Conceptual | Contemporary | Inter Disciplinary | Performance | Traditional Japanese Art | Visual Art (VIC)

Eiichi Tosaki is a Melbourne based  artist, art theorist & historian, and philosopher who has studied in various institutions in Japan and Australia. He has created and practiced a bimanual coordination drawing (BCD)...



Umiumare, Yumi

Contemporary | Dance | Film | Installation | Mixed Media | Performance (VIC)

From her many performances of her diverse repertoires, Yumi Umiumare's electrifying performance style is in demand the world over. Born in Hyogo, Japan, Yumi is the only Japanese Butoh Dancer in Australia and...


Vachananda, Nareeporn

Dance (VIC)

Naree has worked in Melbourne as an independent contemporary dancer and choreographer since 1997. Graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts School of Dance, she expanded her dance knowledge in...


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